During 3 days, the Château LE MANS COUNTRY CLUB welcomes the most prestigious historic and contemporary cars . Highlight of the show : the traditional rally TOUR d’ELEGANCE revisiting the legend route of the very first GRAND-PRIX in SARTHE in 1906

As a prelude to LE MANS 24 HOURS race…


Each year, the week-end before 24 HOURS race, the CLASSIC GRAND TOUR takes place. This unmissable event of the prestige automobile opens the famous week of LE MANS rendez-vous.

The celebration of the first car race in SARTHE


The CLASSIC GRAND TOUR celebrates the first race organized in SARTHE. The very first GRAND-PRIX of the motorsport story : the famous GRAND PRIX de l’ACF 1906 . A very good reason to rediscover the route of this fantastic legend race !

Three days of garden-party and luxury cars


During three days, in the magnificent park of the Château LE MANS COUNTRY-CLUB, a very great meeting of luxury cars takes place with a lot of events. (Concours of Elegance, village shops, auntions, … )

CHOPARD Rally Tour d’Elegance with road-book


The highlight of the trip is the Rally Tour d’Elégance with road-book on the footsteps of heroes of the first GRAND-PRIX 1906, the very first race organized in SARTHE prelude of the greatest endurance sportscar race of he world : the 24 Hours race created in 1923 !

Enjoyable roads, lovely countrysides, architectural treasures


On the original route of GRAND-PRIX 1906 and on the others twisting roads of La Sarthe countyside you will have the privilege to discover heritage of exceptional wealth. This area is called LE PERCHE SARTHOIS. On the program : very exciting experience of driving and discovering of very nice countrysides with a lot of little castles real architectural treasures

Others driving experiences on the program


The CLASSIC GRAND TOUR is not only the garden-party and the Tour d’Elegance. For owners who love drive more two others driving experiences sessions are on the program. These sessions allow to discover La SARTHE and a part of her legend or history. Know it : La SARTHE is a land of passion !

Prestigious historic cars and magnificent supercars


The rule is quite simply … the exceptional ! The only watchword being the search of excellence for historic cars and also for the must iconic contenporary cars named superscars or Hypercars.

The grid is composed of three classes

– The Pre-war : years 1920-1930-1940
– The Classique : années 1950-1960-1970
– The Contemporary Cars Supercars ou Hypercars

A complete and varied program


During three days in the park of Château LE MANS COUNTRY-CLUB in a warm and friendly garden-party atmosphere the animations follow one another. Concours d’Elegance, cars displays, auctions, corners shops, fashion show, concert with jazz danses compose a complete and varied program .

The must of excellence car encouraging encounters and emotion


CLASSIC GRAND TOUR is the opportunity for everybody to make wonderfull experiences with friends..In the CLASSIC GRAND TOUR VIP CLUB participants, owners, partners, organisers and very prestigious guests share very nice moments of emotion.

A success and a label


With the all the magic of LE MANS, his very nice spirit of garden-party, his automobile prestige, his lot of passion with a friendly atmosphere : the CLASSIC GRAND TOUR builds a recognized sucess with now a very much appreciated label.