Eligible automobiles (3 trays)

Pre-war: 1920-1940

Classic: 1950-1970



The commitment is valid by car (two person crew) within the limit of available places and subject to acceptance of the car.

Entry fees

Entry fees include all the costs : Room for two people in a Château (3 nights on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday), as well as the catering : Cocktails Champagne, Buffets Garden-Party, Coffee Break during driving and Dîner de Gala.


Cost with accommodation

Deducted amount before 31 of December 2022 : 1 490 € TTC

Amount from 1st of January 2023 : 1 690 € TTC

Amount from 1st of April 1 950 € TTC

Attention limited places.


Tarif sans hébergement (participants locaux)

Tarif minoré 890 € TTC jusqu’au 31 décembre 2022

Tarif 990 € TTC à partir du 1er janvier 2023.

Regulation – Safety

CLASSIC GRAND TOUR is not a race car driving (there is no sector with stopwatch) but an elegant ride on the beautiful country roads in the departement of La Sarthe. The French regulation is very strict and the respect of trafic laws is obligatory for all participants. (no alcohol driving, no drugs, no excessive speed.)

Compliant automobile

Each participating car for safety must be fully in accordance with specifications of the vehicule manufacturer depending  on country of owner of car concerned (normal car registration paper or special document for classic car). Each participating car must insured by his owner.

Procedure of registration

To accelerate proceedings directly on the web and to secure your payment the procedure of your registration is being held in 3 stages.

1st step: Sending of the file

The registration form must be completed online. We will contact you immediately upon receipt of your file. Attention !!! Places are limited which is why we recommend you book places as you can.

2nd step: Registration file

The Organizing Committee validates your registration and then you will received an e-mail to invite you to paid us the amount of your participation.

3rd step: Payment

The payment is made at your choice by check or bank transfer. The precise information will be given to secure and to carry out your payment. You have the option to pay the full amount of your participation or to make a payment  of a first instalment amounting to 390 € before the 31 of December 2022. in this second case the rest of registration fees wiil be paid before the date of 1st April of 2023.

For any enquiries, contact: Philippe PASTEAU au +33 (0)6 7077 4667